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Swiss Air (LX)

Swiss air is national and commercial airline of Switzerland and is aspect of the Lufthansa Team. The commercial airline has its major hub at Zurich, but also operates from Basel and Geneva. Swiss air has been recognized as one of the most financially stable airline for over 71 years. With its main hub at Zurich airport, Swiss air now operates to hundreds of destinations around the world.

Swiss Air offers online booking through its own website however you can find upto 10% discount on Swiss air flights at www.travellord.co.uk

Swiss air flights to Nairobi
are very popular among Kenyan travelers due to its short stop over in Zurich and short distanced flights from London to Kenya. Swiss air operates from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh are usually available on discounted fares.

Swiss air Johannesburg flights are usually booked in advance and economy seats are not available in last moments so it is advised to book your flights beforehand and avoid later disappointment.

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