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Finnair (AY)

Established in 1923, Finnair is Finlands leading service provider. It signed up with the oneworld partnership in 1999. The commercial airline goes to more than 65 locations in 30 countries, such as many longhaul international routes to and from Japan, with its Helsinki hub preferably placed as an entrance between the Far Eastern and European countries. Finnair provides Business Category and Economic climate Category on its longhaul worldwide routes, and a single-class service on reduced household routes.

As a participant of the Finnair plus Regular Leaflet Program, you generate factors towards your level position every time you journey on qualified oneworld routes. And when you are willing to receive your factors, more than 750 locations welcome you across the oneworld partnership.The rules on these pages implement to routes managed by Finnair if your admission contains routes from other air carriers, IATA requirements determine which airlines luggage rules implement to those routes.

You can examine your luggage permitting from your admission. If you are visiting with luggage that surpasses your luggage permitting, you will have to pay excess luggage charges as described by the commercial airline that is undertaking the check-in.

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