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China Southern Airline (CZ)

China suppliers the southeast part of Air carriers is the 7th biggest commercial airline and the biggest in Japan in terms of both navy size and number of travelers carried. This is due, mainly, to its role in China air traffic: it is China's biggest home service provider.

It has a total of 121 path locations. Chinese Southern Airlines is an commercial airline located in Baiyun Section, Guangzhou, Guangdong Region, Individuals Republic of Chinese suppliers.It is the fifth-largest commercial airline calculated by travelers taken, and Asia's biggest commercial airline in terms of both navy size and travelers taken. It is also the fourth-largest commercial airline in the world in home traveler traffic and the sixth-largest in scheduled home passenger-kilometres traveled. From its main locations at Guangzhou Baiyun Worldwide Flight terminal and China Capital Worldwide Flight terminal, the commercial airline goes to 121 locations using a navy of 422 planes.

China Southern Airlines has routes to all the richesse of Central Asia. In Eastern Asia they fly to Taipei, all the major air-ports of Asia and The southern part of region South korea. The southern part of region Oriental locations is limited to New Dehli, Kathmandu, and Islamabad. In South Asia, they fly to all the richesse, plus most of the other air-ports of note.

In the Center Eastern they fly to Tehran, Jeddah, and Dubai. Western locations include London, uk, London, Amsterdam, Moscow, and a few Far Southern Western places. The ChNorth American locations are Anchorage, Chicago, illinois, Detroit, Los Angelese, Newark, and Calgary. They also fly to Melbourne and Sydney. The airline's primary planes are Airbus A320 and A321, and the Boeing 737. They also work other Airbus and Boeing planes, as well as some McDonnell Douglas MD-90s. In 2008 they managed almost 300 planes and had another 163 on purchase.

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