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Bulgaria Air (FB)

Bulgaria Air is the nationwide commercial airline of Location. The commercial airline is based at Bulgarian investment Sofia, from where it functions frequent routes to 22 locations in 16 nations. The commercial airline was established in 2002 as a heir of the Balkan Bulgarian Airlines. These days Location Air has large system and huge reveal in home flying market. The commercial airline protects parts such as African-American, Japan and European nations through its contemporary navy of 19 jets. Location Air was privatized in 2006 and is currently held by Himimport Inc.

Bulgaria Air provides built in services as per two levels of visiting - Economic climate and Company Category. The Company class tourists enjoy larger and more relaxed chairs for extra relaxation. The tourists are provided welcome liquids before take-off and are later provided recently prepared foods with regards to the time of the journey. There are wide choice of alcohol addiction and non-alcoholic liquids, tea and java as well. A separate member of cottage team covers the high level tourists. In Economic climate category the tourists are placed throughout the market category section and are offered light food, with regards to the hour of the day, along with their choice of non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks, tea and coffee. All the tourists have access to the in-flight journal, video and audio entertainment and built in shopping.

There are certain set of guidelines as per the luggage plan of Location Air that tourists need to go by before getting on the aircraft. The luggage permitting for tourists in economic climate category is up to 44 lbs and in Company Class it is 66 lbs. The cottage luggage permitting over here is 22 lbs per visitor. The overall sizing of tested luggage is 62 inches wide and for cottage luggage it is 45 inches wide.

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