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Air Astana (4L)

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Air Astana is the nationwide commercial airline of Kazakhstan. Formerly know as Kazakhstan Air carriers, has been changed to Air Astana after bankruptcy. Air Astana is mutually owned by Govt of Kazakhstan and BAE Techniques, 51% held by the government and 49% by BAE. The commercial airline is centered in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Air Astana was founded on Sept 14, 2001 and started operating on May 15, 2002.The airline began its functions with a fleet of three Boeing 737 jets and now has a range of 21 in-service jets, with the five Fokker 50 jets being included in 2004. In Feb 2004, Kazakhstan govt shut down Air Kazakhstan. Soon after that all its tracks were relocated to Air Astana and it became the nationwide flight operator.

Air Astana's route currently contains 25 destinations and 17 countries. It overs Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and U.K in Europe, while it serves china and South Korea in East Asia; Thailand in South East Asia and Azerbaijan and UAE in South West Asia. In Central Asia, it serves locations like Kyrgyzstan and almost the whole of Kazakhstan.

Fleet Air Astana started its functions with a fleet of only three Boeing 737 jets and at the moment, has a navy of 21 jets. The Air Astana navy, as of Sept 2008, is made up of one Airbus A319-100, seven Airbus A320-200, two Airbus A321-200, four Boeing 757-200, two Boeing 767-300ER and five Fokker 50 jets. The commercial airline has placed the transaction for six A320 household planes as well. The supply for these jets are due to begin this year. Air Astana desires to take its fleet up to 60 jets, by 2022. Your free baggage allowance may be restricted by the type of your journey and any collaboration of sizing and weight, number of items or measurements. Baggage in unwanted of the free allowance is topic to an extra cost.

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