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Aeroflot (SU)

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Aeroflot is the biggest commercial airline of Russia. The airline was founded in 1923 under the name of Dobrolyot by the European Govt. Aeroflot was managed by Communist society before the dissolution of USSR. Later it became the semi-private nationwide commercial airline of Russia. Aeroflot is a participant of Sky team alliance. From its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport Russia, Aeroflot flights are operated to 97 destinations in 45 countries with a fleet of 91 jets.

Aeroflot offers Economy, Premium Economy and Business class cabins for it's leisure and corporate travelers. The in-flight amusement includes multi-channel programs in Russian and other dialects, movement and latest Artist movies, video chat games and the Dig E player facility. For corporate passengers, Aeroflot offers specially designed chairs "cocoon" along with huge working space, a convenient storage pocket for the laptop and information and a PC power point outfitted with every seat. The in-flight foods from a la carte list is provided on the best pottery with wonderful utensil and page serviettes. The foods comprises of beginners, soups, dinners and candy. The related liquids are provided built in.

As per the Aeroflot Air carriers luggage policy, the luggage allowance for premium and business class traveler is 66 lbs and in Economic cabin it is 44 lbs (may vary). The item limit for tested luggage is two items in Leading and Chief executive Category and for Economic class it is one item per visitor. A carry-on luggage is considering 15.4 lbs is permitted totally free per visitor. The overall sizing of the tested luggage is 62 inches wide and for carry-on luggage it is 45 inches wide. (please check with our travel experts or with airline for exact luggage size and weight).

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