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Aer Lingus was established by the Irish Govt in April 1936 to offer air solutions to/from Ireland. The first journey, from Dublin to Bristol, took place on May 27th 1936. On August 2nd 2006, Aer Lingus joined new stage in its historical past with the airline's flotation on the Irish and London, UK Deals, becoming an openly estimated organization and realizing 400 thousand in value for the airline's upcoming development. Aer Lingus offers economic class service assistance on all short-haul routes, Business and Economy assistance on all long-haul tracks.

Aer Lingus have extended over the years to involve a number of transatlantic and overseas routes. While many of the routes offer efficient assistance to factors in European countries, other places are also provided on a periodic base. An example is the periodic journey to the other agents, offering assistance to Al Massira Flight terminal in Agadir. Aer Lingus provides a number of routes to European countries as well. Locations like Hamburg, Dubrovnik, and Athens are favorites of many holiday hunters, as is Florida, and La Rochelle Portugal. For winter weather tourists, periodic routes to the town of Salzburg in Luxembourg are also available.

Aer Lingus provides a freight transport service on some of its planned traveler tracks, such as US and European countries. Aer Lingus provides email transport solutions between Ireland and the United Kingdom. In addition to offering its own freight managing solutions at Dublin and Shannon airports, Aer Lingus also provides freight managing solutions to Singapore Airlines, SAS and Lufthansa.

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