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Entebbe is major town after Kampala which is capital of Uganda. Uganda's largest commercial airport Entebbe international airport is located in Entebbe where hundred and thousands of passengers departs and arrives every year. The word Entebbe came from the Luganda language mean as seat or chair. This historically admired municipality is situated on the northern shores of the largest African lake named as Lake Victoria and is basically located in the district of Wakiso which is few kilometers away from the Uganda's Capital, Kampala. So you can take a flight to Entebbe and drive down to Kampala. People travel to and from Entebbe to many European, American and Middle east countries. The town offers recreation and leisure to its travelers in several forms such as admirable history, wonderful wildlife and splendid natural sightseeing. Entebbe is also know for its oldest east African gold course called Entebbe Gold Course which was established in 1900.

Major attractions

Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre: If you are looking for some breathtaking African wildlife scenes then this is the best place. Almost all the African wildlife animals can be seen here. It is also now more of an educational site, which means that this place can be deemed as an amazing and enjoyable learning family place.

Mabamba Shoebill Tours: These tours are one of the best swamp tours you can get in Africa. The tour groups left for Mabamba swamps every day to see the shoe bills. And not only shoe bills but you can expect to see here many other different wild birds also such as king fisher, grates, fish eagles and etc, and that too in the nearest possible distances.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens: This is also one of the famous tourist attractions of Entebbe. The natives and tourists both gather in this incredibly big park for recreational purposes. So if you want to hang out with friends or family in some peaceful natural environment then this is the best and most appropriate place.

Other attractions: Besides the above mentioned spots Entebbe has further many more sightseeing and recreational places and spots such as Sesse Islands, Day tours and wildlife adventures, Reptile Village, Golf Club, State House, Kingungu historical sites and so forth.

Airports in Entebbe:

Entebbe international airport is the main commercial airport who serves Kampala, capital of Uganda. Lots of European and African airlines like,Ethiopian airlines, Kenyan airways, KLM, Lufthansa, British airways and few other airlines travels every day to and from Entebbe to transport thousands of passengers all over the world. There are so many online travel websites and travel agents who have made easy to book tickets to entebbe with few clicks or taps. Uganda is second most populated East African country and surrounded byKenya,Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania so you may take a road trip or book a train ticket to Entebbe Uganda.

So in conclusion, Entebbe has everything a passionate tourist can expect to see in Africa, for instance African wildlife, natural sightseeing, historical sites and so on.